We offer to the passionate golfers from all over the world the possibility to experience golfing in Morocco, with its various landscapes, attractive designs and its extremely beautiful courses by organizing tailor-made Golf tours.

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Royal Golf Club (09 holes)
12 Km away from downtown Agadir on the road to Aït Melloul stretches one of the most famous golf courses of Morocco. The greens are large, well defended by deep bunkers and lined with palm trees making up angles. Its extension to 18 holes will be completed shortly. At the end of the golf round, golfers can meet and comment on their achievements while having mint tea at the panoramic club-house.
Golf des Dunes (27 holes)
Cabell B. Robinson who designed this 27-holes course introduced a remarkable number of surprises. You will be attracted by the beautiful piece of jewelry which is the hole 8 of the blue course. Its green is perched on the top of a hill bristling with bunkers. Once the green is reached, you will enjoy the unimpeded outlook over Inezgane. The wadi, or yellow course, requires more skill because of the narrowness of links.
Golf du Soleil (27 holes)
Made of 27 holes, 8955 m long and a handicap 72, it stretches over more than 85 hectares. The eucalyptus, tamarisk, mimosas and palm trees will accompany you throughout the round. Three superb lakes cover a surface area of 3.65 hectares, defending 6 holes. Fascinated by the Moroccan Atlantic Coast, the designer, Fernando Muell, gave free rein to his imagination, sculpting an exceptional masterpiece with undulating courses and sloping greens.
Royal Golf Club (09 holes)
Designed by David Cohen around a large calm lake populated with carps and ducks, the Royal Golf of Benslimane will appeal to golfers who are seeking nature and peace. Pine and eucalyptus trees, and flowered meadows embellish the links. To dominate the five holes defended by water obstacles, golfers should show power and accuracy.
Anfa Royal Golf (09 holes)
Anfa Royal Golf is located in the heart of Casablanca, on the green hills of Anfa. ("Casablanca's Beverly Hills") Golfers and horse riders share the same space. It is 2710 m long and relatively easy golf course with a handicap of 35 suitable for advanced as well as beginners, which still requires some talent and imagination because of the presence of trees and flowers in the fairways.
Royal Golf Club (18 holes)
6270m long, this 18 holes is one of the finest pieces of the kingdom's golf courses. The stimulating perfume of pine and cypress trees brought by the mild sea winds, as well as the magnificent monkey puzzle trees that line up like strange natural sculptures along the round of hole 14 will fill many golfers with wonder. Designed and achieved by Cabell B. Robinson, it has always charmed those golfers who like nature and beauty.
Royal Golf Club (09 holes)
Surrounded with high ramparts, this 9-holes and 3168 m long golf course is famous for its bunker of 1200 square meters. It will appeal to you by its sloping greens and its undulating fairways,not to mention its location Fès, the most powerful and spiritual city of the kingdom of Morocco.
Royal Golf Club (18 holes)
How magical it is for any golfer to play on this extremely beautiful course of Marrakech, which is 6200 m long, with a handicap of 72. It is located at the foot of the snow capped Atlas mountains. Hole 15 will astonish many golfers because its green is defended by two hillocks of grass that surround a bunker which conceals it. Besides, no matter how lucky one maybe, the angles are marked and limited by high palm trees.
Golf Palmeraie (18 holes)
The golf course (18 holes, 6214 m and handicap 72), located in a wonderful resort, that of the Palmeraie Gardens, designed by Robert Trent Jones, stretches over more than 77 hectares. The unique panorama is refreshed by seven lakes, inviting you to play one of the best golf rounds of the world.
Club Amelkis (18 holes)
It is one of the most recent golf courses in Morocco. With its 18 holes, 6657 m length, and handicap 72, it will appeal to you with its beauty and the complexity of its course.
Royal Golf Club (09 holes)
Located in the heart of the imperial city of the Sultan Moulay Ismaïl, more accurately in the gardens of the Royal Palace, this 9-holes golf course will enchant the golfer by the beauty of its links, bordered with gardens of flowers, plum trees, orange and palm trees. It is one of the very few golf courses where floodlights allow night play.
Royal Golf Club (18 holes)
Created in the 1920's, the Royal Golf Club of Mohammedia is considered as one of the most beautiful golf courses of the Kingdom. Located on the sea shore, 17 KM from Casablanca, it discloses the splendor of its 18 holes along the 5917 m that make up the course. Heavily bulbous because of its proximity to the sea, it requires some feats on the part of golfers, especially if their ball falls on the sand dunes which are covered with cactus. Experimented members of the Moroccan club would often advise you to play hole 12 with strength and hole 16 with delicacy.
Royal Golf Club (09 holes)
That is what one may call "golfing in the desert"!, the magnificent High Atlas, with their eternal snows, can be seen from various sides of this 3150 m long golf. The course is quite unique because located at the gates of the desert where the Kasbahs track begins. To play on this course is incredibly captivating and complex. The undulating fairways, embellished with a beautiful lake will definitely appeal to many golfers.
Royal Golf Club Dar Es-Salam (45 holes)
Located south-east of Rabat, the 45 holes of the Royal Golf Dar Es-Salam are a dream for many golfers worldwide. The Moroccan Royal Golf Federation, as well as the Hassan II Trophy which is hosted each year in Rabat have given this golf course an outstanding international reputation. Designed by Robert Trent Jones who gave free rein to his imagination, it is the joy of golfers, regardless of their handicaps.
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