CS:GO Betting Details for Punters Online

CS:GO Betting Details

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an online first person shooter video game that has garnered massive popularity over the last 10 years. Created and powered by video game company Valve and released on their gaming platform Steam, CS:GO is now one of the most played games in the world.

Thanks to the popularity of the game, it has also become one of the hottest games to bet on, where bettors from all over the planet bet on professional CS:GO games and events, including international championships.

Although there has been some controversy when it comes to CS:GO Betting, there is still plenty of opportunity for bettors to gamble on the game and its associated eSport events legally and safely.

CS:GO Betting Skins

Betting on skins was by far the most favoured of the types of CS:GO betting, but due to a number of online scandals, it is now impossible to take part in legally. Within the game, skins were tradable items that players were able to earn while they played the game, and due to the rare nature of many of the skins, they became extremely sought after and an entire gambling industry was created.

Billions of dollars passed through the massive CS:GO Betting scene every day, but as the scandals emerged involving illegal and under-age gambling, Valve ordered a complete shut down of all skin betting activities, and now it is completely illegal to use Counter Strike skins as a source of gambling anywhere around the world.

Current CS:GO Betting

Current CS:GO Betting

Despite all the controversy that surrounds the game, there are certain ways bettors can legally bet on the game. The most recommended way is to find a legal, licensed bookmaking site that offers betting options for the game, such as betting on teams, matches, and players.

This is part of the emerging eSports betting industry that is quickly picking up steam around the world, and many reputable and trusted bookmaking sites are offering full coverage of most esports betting offers, with CS:GO betting being right at the top next to other well-known titles such as Dota 2 or League of Legends. The two most popular types of bets that are taken out on CS:GO are outcome and proposition bets, which are both offered legally to bettors internationally.

When looking to find a new bookmaking site to join up with like AU rugby punters at https://bettingsitesonline.net.au/rugby, bettors are recommended to ensure that the site has the correct licenses from gambling authorities, which can vary depending on the region the site is situated in. Using a regulated site means that all money deposited and withdrawn is done so securely, and all personal and financial information is safe from risk.

CS:GO Betting in New Zealand

The current restrictions on domestic gambling in New Zealand has made many bettors uneasy about taking part in any type of gambling. Fortunately, betting online is completely unregulated by the government, meaning bettors are free to take part in CS:GO betting as much as they wish, provided they use an offshore, online bookmaker gambling sites.