Gold Diggers Online Slot Guide for Players

The Gold Diggers slot game is all about two gold prospectors mining deep into the earth in their search for gold. The graphics and the sound effects will take you back to the American Wild West, in the days of the Californian gold rush.

This is a five reel game with thirty pay lines, like most of Betsoft’s games. There are many interesting small touches, also like most of Betsoft’s games, like the trucks of gold that shake every time you spin the wheel, cave walls that drip around you while you play, and animations that come alive whenever you land on a winning combination.

Gold Mining Symbols

As with most mobile slots being played at the sites at, the object in the Gold Diggers slot is to match up as many identical symbols as possible on any active pay line, reading from left to right. The amount of the payout always depends on the symbols that you hit. The symbols with the lowest value are the pans of gold or pickaxes, and you will win more for the mining trucks and barrels of oil.

The three main characters in Gold Diggers slot game, the two hard working male miners and the beautiful blonde female who is obviously there for decoration and to inspire the miners, will give you the biggest wins. You will be awarded a substantial sum for finding the beautiful blonde, but the biggest prizes are for the two gold miners themselves. Other 3D symbols include mining lamps, carts and dynamite, and these symbols also turn into animations when they form part of a winning combination or when one of the special features is activated.

A Bonus Round with Exploding Dynamite

There are three different bonus rounds in the Gold Diggers slot game. The first is activated when you land on three or more dynamite symbols as a winning combination on any pay line. These dynamite symbols pay out a large number of credits if you hit five of them together, but any time you land on three or more you will get an additional bonus. After you are awarded your wins, the dynamite will explode, and that allows lots of new symbols to fall on to the reels. The new screen will then pay out any prizes won in any new winning combinations.

Another bonus round is activated when you land on three or more of the Gopher symbols on an active pay line. This is a click game, and the player has to choose one of the gophers you will see on the screen. Your chosen Gopher will dig down to reveal a number of buried instant credits that will be added to your winnings.

Profitable Gold Rush Bonus

The last bonus feature in the Gold Diggers slot game is the Gold Rush game, and this can be the most lucrative. When you land on three or more of the Gold Rush sign icons anywhere on the reels, this game will be activated. You will be taken to a second screen. The three main characters are standing in an area that they could mine. You will see six possible areas for a profitable gold mine, and you can choose three. As you mine each area you will expose the gold, along with a varying number of credits.

At the end of the game all your credits will be added together and awarded to you.