How To Throw A 20’s Speakeasy Casino Party

A century ago, many western countries enjoyed a decade of prosperity, social change, and hot jazz. It was the Roarin’ Twenties, baby, and in the US, that also meant Prohibition, bathtub gin, and speakeasies – the perfect theme for a casino party!

After the horrors of World War I, the 1920s were a breath of fresh air. However, the US government imposed a countrywide ban on the manufacture and sale of alcohol. That was not enough to stop people who wanted to drink, and so bootleggers did a roaring business, mostly through illegal establishments known as speakeasies, blind pigs, or blind tigers.

Run in unassuming buildings and secret rooms in hotels, speakeasies sometimes required patrons to knock on the door in a sequence or to supply a password before gaining entry. In many a speakeasy, the offerings were limited to alcohol. Those run by mobsters often also offered illegal gambling.

Set the Scene

The threat of police raids made discretion a must, so forget about decorating the venue with the bright colours better suited to Vegas. Set the scene for your speakeasy casino party with round tables covered with deep, dark, rich cloth such as velvet. Fake fur can also add interesting touches.

Lighting was kept relatively low, so opt for candles and low-level lamps. Antique advert and art deco prints can also add a special something. Why not supply guests with a password or secret knock sequence in the invitation, and then require it from them when they arrive?

Gaming Options

When hosting a Roaring Twenties speakeasy party, it is best to leave the real money gaming to professionals such as the best casino brands. Shops that sell boardgames usually have casino game kits that include chips, a variety of gaming table surfaces printed on cardboard or felt, dice, playing cards, and even a small Roulette wheel and ball. Some party companies offer fun casino dealers and equipment for hire.

Snacks and Beverages

As far as party food went in the 1920s, buffets were all the rage. This is great news for you, because you can prepare a selection of finger foods in advance, lay them out on platters, and leave people to help themselves.

During Prohibition, most speakeasies served alcohol in teacups, mugs, and sometimes even glass jars, although it was not impossible to find proper glasses at some venues. Cocktails were popular drinks, as the addition of fruit juice, soft drinks, sugar, and other ingredients helped disguise the foul taste of the illegal alcohol.

Look the Part

One of the best parts of a 20’s speakeasy casino party is dressing up to look the part. Women can consider the typical flapper look.

You can achieve it with a drop-waisted cocktail dress with a fringe, stockings, and a pair of round-toed heels. Add finishing touches with strings of pearls, a cigarette holder, a cloche, and a hipflask.

Men can consider the classic gangster look of a pin-striped suits, spats, and a fedora. If they would prefer something more relaxed, baggy trousers, braces, and a Henley shirt should do the trick.